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English Language Competency Required for Japanese Students
English Conversation Clubs in Japan
Online Resources for Learning English
Language Learning at Rice University

English Language Competency Required for Japanese Students

The language of research host labs at Rice University is English and all selected participants must have the English-language ability necessary to successfully complete a research experience in the U.S. While you are at Rice, you will speak in English within your lab and on a day-to-day basis. All seminars and workshops will also be conducted in English.

To Apply

To Apply: The online application for the program must be written in English and program interviews in English will be conducted with all program finalists via Skype. 

If Selected

If Selected: If you are selected as a program participant, you will be required to provide proof of English language ability in one of the following ways as part of the J-1 visa documentation process at Rice University.  

  1. Option 1: Pass an English Language Interview with the Center for Written, Oral, and Visual Communication (CWOVC) at Rice University; conducted via Skype.
  2. Option 2: Provide Proof of IELTS Score of 7 or above
  3. Option 3: Provide Proof of TOEFL Scores of:
    • TOEFL Paper-based: 600 or above
    • TOEFL Computer-based: 250 or above
    • TOEFL Internet-based: 90 or above

More information on proof of English language competency will be provided to selected program participants. 

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English Conversation Clubs in Japan

We strongly encourage all potential applicants and selected participants to speak in English as much as possible – even while you are still in Japan.  Check with your university International Programs/Exchange office and ask if there are any English Language Tables or Conversation Clubs that you can join at your home university.  These programs may enable you to interact with international students in Japan and practice/improve your English conversation by speaking with your new international friends!

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Online Resources for Learning English

The following online resources may be helpful to your English language learning and speaking goals.  If you live nearby a U.S. Embassy or Consulate you may also want to like their Facebook page or visit their website to learn more about various programs and events they may host for students interested in speaking in English or study/research in the U.S.

U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Japan: English & American Culture

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Language Learning at Rice University

OISS Volunteer English Conversation Classes

Rice University also offers the following English language learning and conversation options.  All TOMODACHI STEM students will be required to sign up and attend at lease one of the OISS Volunteer English Conversation Classes each week during your time at Rice University.  You may attend more than one class if your research schedule permits.  More information on how to sign up for these courses will be provided to students when OISS opens the registration in mid-to-late January.  

Engagement with Undergraduate Students at Rice University

While you are at Rice University, you will also have the opportunity to meet and connect with U.S. alumni of the Nakatani RIES Fellowship who are degree-seeking undergraduate students at Rice and/or who live in the Houston area.  Rice University alumni will be able to introduce you to some aspects of undergraduate college life and give you helpful advice on living in Houston. If you have questions about English, in particular colloquial English, slang, and idioms, they will be very helpful people to ask.  

There will also likely be undergraduate students working in your research lab on a part-time basis. While you may not see them as often as the graduate students, as undergraduates must also attend many classes each day, you can ask your professor or graduate student mentor to introduce you to any undergraduate students working in your lab.  This will enable you to learn more about why undergraduate students opt to do research at Rice University, even as early as their freshman year.  They may also be helpful people to ask about English language scientific or research vocabulary that you may not be familiar with.  Since they will likely be new to research as well, they too will be expanding their technical and research vocabulary too.  You can also ask them if they can introduce you to various aspects of undergraduate student life on campus. 

While this is primarily a research experience program, some of your host professors may be currently teaching undergraduate classes at Rice University.  You can ask them if they are currently teaching any undergraduate classes and, if yes, if it would be possible for you to sit on on one or more of their classes.  In this way, you would be able to learn more about classroom culture in the U.S. and expand your English language skills to include classroom conversation and discussion.  Your ability to sit in on 

Japanese Langauge Table Discussion Sessions

You will also have the opportunity to meet current Rice University students who are learning Japanese through Ozaki-sensei's Japanese Language Lunch Table Discussion sessions. Typically, there will be 1 – 2 lunch table discussion meet-ups during the time you are at Rice University.  You will have the option of purchasing a lunch ticket in advance that will enable you to eat in one of the Undergraduate College Servery (cafeteria) on the day the discussion session is held.  You will set in the Private Dining Room with other native Japanese speakers (primarily Japanese graduate students at Rice) and undergraduate students who are learning Japanese.  During lunch, the Rice students will only be allowed to speak in Japanese.  

These sessions give you an opportunity to meet other Rice undergraduate students, other current Japanese students at Rice, add experience a little bit of undergraduate college (dormitory) life at Rice University. While you won't be speaking in English during these sessions, you will be building your inter-cultural communication skills and making new friends! 

Rice University ESL Program & CWOVC Workshops

In addition to the free OISS English Conversation Classes, Rice University also has a range of other options for English language learners.  Due to the timing of the TOMODACHI STEm program you won't be able to participate in this programs but, if you return to Rice University as a graduate student, you may be able to participate in the future.  

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