Since 2016, a total of 40 Japanese students from 20 Japanese universities have participated in the TOMODACHI STEM @ Rice University Program. To learn more about our participant’s research and cultural experience in the U.S., click the links below to review their website profiles.

  • The 2018 TOMODACHI STEM students visiting Dow Chemical in Houston

  • BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC) members ~ Miho Sakuma (2018 TOMODACHI STEM)

  • In the lab ~ Eria Imada (2018 TOMODACHI STEM)

  • The 2017 TOMODACHI STEM students after the final poster presentation session. We're done!! ~ Mio Kamasaka

  • We really admire you, Einstein! ~ Mio Kamasaka with 2017 TOMODACHI STEM Participants

  • The 2017 TOMODACHI STEM students visit Dow Chemical.

  • Rodeo Houston Parade in Downtown ~ Akane Katayama, 2017 TOMODACHI STEM Participant

  • I took this photo at lab. Look at my lab coat! It was the smallest one but it was too big for me. I am going to use it with roll one’s sleeves up. ~ Shiho Nagai, 2017 TOMODACHI STEM Participant

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