Recommendation Letter Submission

Recommendation Letter Submission Instructions

An applicant to the TOMODACHI STEM @ Rice University Program has asked you to provide a letter of recommendation in support of their application to this program. For questions, please email (Scroll down for Japanese)

Reference Letter Submission Instructions 

  • Letters written in English are preferred.
  • Japanese letters will also be accepted and will be conditionally translated into English for the selection committee to review.
  • Please email your letter by 11:59 PM on February 26, 2020 (Japan time)  to 

Within your letter, provide your personal evaluation of this student and their interest in the TOMODACHI STEM @ Rice University program. (推薦状の内容につきましては推薦者様の個人的な評価を綴っていただいて構いませんが、下記の点に言及していただけますと幸いです.)

  • Full name of the student you are submitting this letter for.
  • Your full name, title, and university/organization/company.
  • What is your relationship to the applicant and how long have you known them?
    • まずはじめに応募者と知り合ってからの期間 (Length of time you have known the applicant )と応募者との関係(Relationship to applicant )を選択してください。
  • If possible, please discuss the following points. (下記の点に言及していただけますと幸いです。)
    1. Student’s adaptability to different cultures. ( 応募者が異文化に適応できるか)
    2. Student’s conversational English skills. (会話の英語力)
    3. Student’s ability to work well with others (同僚とうまく一緒に働けるか)
    4. Student’s attitude towards their work/study. (本人の仕事・勉強への姿勢)
    5. How will participation in TOMODACHI STEM relate to student’s future goals? (態度。そして、どのようにJETの経験を将来の就職に生かせる予定なの か.)

About Program: The TOMODACHI-STEM @ Rice University for Female Students is a five-week research internship program for 10 female undergraduates from Japan who are majoring in science & engineering (S&E). Held at Rice University in Houston, TX, the program will enable students to gain real world experience with S&E research, provide an introduction to U.S. higher education and provide opportunities for cultural engagement and collaboration with U.S. students. The program will serve as a catalyst for female Japanese students interested in S&E study and research and engagement with the U.S. through international research collaborations. The program dates will be August 13 – September 21, 2020.

TOMODACHI STEM Program @ Rice University は日本の大学で理系学部を専攻する女性の大学生10名を対象とした5週間の研究インターンシッププログラムです。同プログラムは、テキサス州ヒューストンにあるライス大学にて行われ、大学の研究室に属して最先端の研究活動に触れると同時に、アメリカの高等教育システムを体験し、米国人学生との交流活動を通して言語や文化を学ぶ機会を提供します。このプログラムは、国際共同研究を通じて、理工学研究に興味を持つ日本人女子学生に、アメリカとの連携のきっかけを提供することを目的としています。プログラムの開催日は2020年8月13日〜9月21日です。

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